What Is Ultra HD Technology And How Does It Affect Digital Printing?

As digital printing technology is evolving, it can provide the quality and image clarity of offset printing. Up until now it was pretty undeniable that offset printing is the only way to produce high quality images and prints.

Image quality can have many aspects within digital printing, but there is one place that used to fall behind the offset printing, and that it banding. Banding (also called stepping) occurs when the fine shades don’t flow seamlessly from one image to the next. This used to be one of the biggest pitfalls of digital printing.

Fortunately, Xerox launched the Versant 2100 and the Versant 80, using a new technology called Ultra HD. This unique technology offers print service providers the ability to produce the same quality as offset.

This kind of image quality is not limited only for high-end applications that require photographic quality imaging. The lack of smoothness that banding usually cause in gradients, can affect any commercial job or application, especially where customers’ logos may be involved.

As a print service, whether you are looking to replace your offset printers, or complement them with high-quality digital printers, a technology such as Ultra HD offers a more appealing value proposition.

These days, print shops must be flexible and listen to the changes and developments in the world. Combining these advanced printers with an online printing solution will most definitely place your business at the top.