Adapting New Technologies: Web to Print and the Mobile World

Back in 1998 the world of print was facing a revolution. The increasing popularity of the Internet and the onset of e-commerce have led to the birth and prosperity of the Web to Print industry. Today, B2Cprint is leading a new revolution, bringing the Web to Print world into your customers’ mobile phone or tablet with great, intuitive & focused apps.

B2CPrint Apps

In the pursue to create a better user experience for your potential customers we came up with 2 great apps.
Mobile Plus App, which is a super-smart and easy e-commence app.
Wide-Format App, which lets your customer upload pictures and design them “on the fly”.
Mobile-Plus app is an online-mobile print store tucked in your customers’ pocket, allowing you to preset all the product you offer, manage pricing, offering quotes or even online payment (via descanted payment gateways of your choice).
B2CPrint’s second app, Wide-Format App, focuses on designing and editing.
Your customer can upload an image of his choice (from his Smartphone’s gallery, Facebook page or Instagram), edit to his choice (effects, borders etc) and send it to print, paying online.
Furthermore, both our apps offer you full control over all your mobile-business by getting access to statistics and reports: amount of visitors, amount of orders made and more.
To sum up, the strong presence of smartphones in our lives is your chance of standing out in the printing industry, attracting new clients from unseized territories and increasing your revenue.
For more information about our apps and business opportunities contact us.