The Importance Of Finding A Good Literary Agent – Part 1

Writing and publishing a book is an immensely rewarding endeavor, and every aspiring author wants to have his or her words read by as many people as possible. Success with book sales depends on a variety of factors, including target reader audience and the effectiveness of the book’s marketing plan. The size and type of the publishing house can also impact a finished book’s profitability.
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What a Literary Agent Does

The primary duty of a book agent is to interface with publishers and negotiate the best possible contract for an author. An agent can create an effective marketing presentation that demonstrates to publishers how an author’s book will financially benefit the publishing company if accepted. Even before a manuscript is finished and ready to submit to potential publishers, a top quality book agent can also be a great source of feedback during the writing process.
Many book agents have past experience as editors, and most will review a manuscript for the best possible narrative before shopping it around to publishers. Another vital responsibility of a literary agent is to help an author develop a public platform and media presence. This strategy can be instrumental in establishing any writer’s credibility and appeal, and many new authors are unsure how to establish this platform themselves. A solid public presence will lead to increased book sales.

Why Enlist a Book Agent’s Services?

An experienced, knowledgeable literary agent will take a good portion of the uncertainty out of the equation for a book author. This caliber of agent will handle the publishing pitches, book promotion, final print production and future licensing rights. As a result, the author can focus on the process of writing the best possible manuscript by the agreed-on deadline.
Hiring a literary agent will also increase an author’s chances of reaping noticeable financial rewards for all of his or her hard work. The book publishing business is a competitive one, and a good agent has plenty of insider knowledge to help an author stand out from the proverbial crowd.
In the next post, we will continue with some valuable tips on how to find the best agent for you.