The Great Advantages QR Codes Can Offer

The QR code is a readable code scanned by a smartphone, and can connect offline and online marketing channels. It’s basically a sort of shortcut that encodes text, URL or other data, connecting the consumer right to the marketer’s desired destination.

The QR code can appear in various online channels, such as websites or social media. There are also other, offline ways to show QR codes, such as catalogs, brochures, packaging, business cards, billboards, bus-stop advertisements, stickers and other street advertising.

Just like other types of advertising, QR codes should carry some sort of benefit to the customer, offer some value or good reason to scan them. Consumers are experiencing more and more applications that provide value within the customer journey, so it’s important to give them some incentives.

Emphasize the value and give the audience a good reason to scan the code. Consumers don’t just want to be sent to an ordinary web page; they want some incentives like a discount, a secret deal or a coupon.

Create a personalized campaign. The use of variable data, personalized images and videos and QR codes can all help drive strategic engagement. Also, make sure you deliver a consistent brand experience. If you have a nicely designed, personalized print material that includes a QR code, be sure it’s linked to an updated webpage. The recipient is using a smartphone to scan, so make sure the landing page is responsive and mobile friendly.

Some of the great uses for QR codes can be – Link to sites or social accounts, login to websites, scan personalized coupons, download apps, access Wi-Fi networks with no need for passwords, make in-app or in website purchases, unlock extra content, and even track attendance at events.

Now that marketers are better acquainted with QR advantages, there may be an opportunity to increase the popularity of QR Codes within multi-channel campaigns and provide extra value for consumers.