B2C Wide



The B2CWide system- An online design and order, SAAS based storefront that gives your customers the ability to order large format products online, directly from your website. The system is combined with art galleries and Facebook/Instagram integration.The B2CWide system was one of the forerunners of the ‘Web to Print’ revolution that is enabling print service providers to streamline their order management process and win new business through a professional online presence. It can be integrated with other systems or become a standalone website.
B2C Wide – Canvasses, Posters and Stickers ordering system
Allows your customers to upload their photo files to your website, choose from different materials and different sizes of products you wish to suggest and with a short pre-flight process, the system will notify the customer about the quality of the uploaded file and suggest different picture effects/finish types. The system will automatically calculate the product and its shipping price, and then will allow your customers to complete the order and pay online.
Online galleries and Facebook/Instagram integration

Allows your customers to enter photos and paintings galleries at your website, and choose to buy an artwork. The system allows you to create an unlimited number of galleries, open dedicated pages for different artists, sell their artwork and pay them royalties. Using the system, your customers can also login to their Facebook or Instagram account, choose a picture and order it online.
Online Display Products ordering System
Allows your customers to view the variety of your display products, view their specifications, order them easily online and upload their pre-press file. The system saves you time, helps your customers to better understanding your products and helps you receive and manage your orders in an easy and efficient way.
To view a demo system, please visit THIS LINK