Silicone-Based Inks Are The Latest Innovation

In the print business, printers often encounter challenges. One of them is printing on special material other than traditional paper. Take silicone for example -Regular inks are not able to cure on it, and they will easily rub off the product.

The one thing we know that can stick to silicone is silicone itself. This is why Boston Industrial Solutions started their innovative development of silicone-based inks, which are perfect for printing on items made of silicone.

The company started developing new silicone-based inks, like the Natron SE Silicone ink. It was specially designed for printing on objects made from silicone, such as medical instruments, toys, promotional items, drink-ware and industrial applications. The ink has a very high opacity, gloss and flexibility, and it is so adhesive that it seemingly becomes part of the product.

Another advanced ink is the Natron DC Silicone Ink, which is made for printing on silicone-based objects that cannot be cured with heat, for instance, heat sensitive silicone rubber products like speakers. Additionally, it has the same key features as the SE ink, with high opacity, gloss and flexibility and the same adhesive quality.

The company states that their “interest in the printing market is to solve customer challenges and develop cutting edge solutions and technologies that are easy to use and help move the ink industry forward”. This innovation is definitely a huge step forward.