Seven Top Ideas To Make Time To Write

One of the biggest problems for writers is time. There are so many things to do and take care of that it’s very common that you don’t have enough time to devote yourself to write. If you are working on your next book and time is not on your side, here are some tips to put into practice right now.
do not disturb

  1. Keep a journal of every single thing that you do during the week and pay attention to those activities that are less important than writing. You should reduce your time for watching TV, talking on your cell phone etc.
  2. You can readjust your sleeping hours. Probably you have the chance to wake up earlier if you are a morning person or to stay up late if you are a night-writer. Your bedtime is important but you could find a way to readjust it to find a couple of extra hours to write.
  3. You can use your waiting time! Usually you have to wait in a line to buy something, to see a doctor, or you just get stuck in a traffic jam… So, always be ready to write. Always take a bloc and a pen with you or any electronic device where you can write anywhere at any time.
  4. Make a good use of the free time you have. You need to get focused, so, turn off the phones, shut down the internet and shut the door to your bedroom or office. If you finally have a writing time, don’t lose your concentration.
  5. You may use your lunch time to write at work! Find a nice and calm place where nothing or nobody disturbs you and make use of those extra minutes to write.
  6. If you don’t drive, use your traveling time to write while going on the bus or the train. Actually, if you drive you have options too! Buy a voice recorder and record your thoughts while driving to work. Good ideas usually come when you are on the road.
  7. If you have a serious project on the boil and you feel that you need to invest all your time in writing, then you should probably take your days off and holiday days to make progress in your project. In this case, identify your most productive time and make sure you make a good use of it every day.

There are always options to add extra minutes and hours to your writing time. Depending on your schedule and duties you can take some of these tips to give your talent time to develop. Who knows? Maybe you are about to create your best work!