Secrets Behind Networked Publishing: How To Make It Work

Networked publishing is changing the publishing world. Want it or not, it means revolution, advance of technology and a new era. But, it is critical for publishers to make a good use of it, so taking into account a few tips might be helpful for those interested in this new solution.
To understand the networked publishing it is important to get focused on a critical aspect: content. Content becomes the most essential factor when it comes to networked publishing and it is really important to give it a different treatment to make it work.
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Even when the content is already finished, it is essential to structure it in something known as granular content structures. The process is about separating from each other those content elements that involve an individual meaning by themselves and labeling them with tags that are content-related.
This way, these tags have the function to recognize, structure and find content on granular level, in order to create different unlimited versions of the content when combining these granular content structures. This combination can be done whether by content providers or by users, so they can be more adapted to the demand.
Content has to be prepared to be found and used properly. This process is about identifying those semantically meaningful elements of the structure used in the finding and identifying process. To achieve it, it is also necessary to support the creation of contextual references with DBpedia structure, RDF, or specific links.
The content supplier should provide proactive support to make sure the search process will satisfy the users’ demands, by ensuring that content is ready to appear in the search list in a logical and relevant sequence, providing extra information to help users get a good result.
Search trees are also helpful for the searching process. The use of synonyms and similarity searches are great solutions. However, the signifier and signified used in these kinds of searching tools are in a permanent development and change. So, it is always crucial for content providers to make sure these tools are being constantly updated, ensuring they are coherent enough. In this case, it is also convenient to consider that the database will grow and become more complex, so the only solution to guarantee a consistent usage and a successful final result is by maintaining just only one but rational context.
Networked publishing is the future and those who are involved in it are taking part in a pioneering solution that will change the publishing world. As soon as we learn its basis we will be able to climb on the new publishing solutions bandwagon.