Reap The Best Of What Technology Offers You As A Publisher

There are definitely amazing improvements to make from technology when it comes to writing and publishing. There are millions of chances today to take the publishing industry to the next level. However, for some reason writers and publishers are not making a good use of those tools and advantages offered by technology. Certain things seem to be stuck in a time warp and they need to be changed or improved urgently.
This may sound excessive, but don’t kid yourself! E-books are some of the best examples. They have been a boom in the last years and they have transformed the writing and publishing world, changing the way people read, buy and carry their favorites titles. However, e-books are just an electronic copy of printed books. Can we go further? Why e-books cannot offer readers an original and different experience; let’s say more interactive? Why not use technological advancements to improve them and help them be more than simple imitations of printed books?
reading an ebook
On the other hand, there are millions of sites on the Web and every industry takes full advantage of the online benefits. The internet offers us a natural and easy way to gather information and interact. However, websites where readers, fans, writers, publishers, reviewers or booksellers can interact between each other around their favorite titles barely exist. Why is this happening?
Now, if we are going to talk about websites, it is also necessary to take a closer look on the design and quality of publishers’ websites. No matter how this sounds, publishers’ websites are quite boring and plain. They need to look more appealing and fashionable and the most important thing, it is crucial to use the right tools to make them visible enough. However, most of publishers are not aware of technological advances or they just don’t understand the importance that technology actually has. Why don’t we do something to give publishers’ websites a good chance to stand out?
The same happens with fan fiction. There are hundreds of thousands of people writing really interesting stories with characters taken from the most popular titles and millions of people read them. However, publishers don’t know what to do with it. Although there is a huge debate about it, because it could lead to copyright law troubles, some questions come up: Should publishers exploit this undeveloped market? Is it reasonable to waste all that talent? Why don’t we find a way to get to a win-win situation?
Without a doubt, there are many things that need to be reconsidered in the writing and publishing world. Minds should change, tools should be used and technology must continue being the best ally.