How To Promote A Book In The Real World

Many authors, especially self-publishing ones, focus most of their marketing efforts on the online world – social media presence, blogging and website optimization. But, many forget that it’s equally important to market the book in the real world as well.

Printed marketing materials are valuable tools that you need to take into account when building your presence. Book sellers and especially readers still look for physical informational materials that will offer some insight or preview about your book. So, check out the following effective tools authors can use to promote their books, and how to use them the best way.
One really great way to promote your book is with promotional posters. Bookstores, libraries, and even coffee houses and diners display book posters regularly. Especially at book stores, this promotional tool allows readers to find your book while they’re in a place where they can check it out and buy it if they like it. Placing a poster at the local coffee house or diner is also a great spot, where readers often like to sink into a good book.
Another great way to announce your new book is with postcards. In the postcard or flyer you can include positive reviews or publicizing awards if you have any. You can hand out the postcards near bookstores, or mail them to potential audience by gathering a mailing list of newspaper and magazine editors, library and bookstore contacts, and colleges and universities.
Create interesting bookmarks. A lot of authors overlook this book promotion tool but it’s actually quite effective. When you think about it, what could be better than a colorful, imaginative bookmark with your book cover image, synopsis and any info a reader might need to order. Bookmarks are ideal for promoting your book at signing events, book festivals and other public events where there’s a large concentration of people.
Now that you have these tools in mind, you can use them as you see fit, whenever a marketing or promotional opportunity arises.