Print on Demand – What It Means To Your Business

To understand what print on demand means to your business and how it can help you beat the competition, you first need to understand what it is. In simple terms, print on demand allows individuals to order a smaller number of copies from print providers.

Most print providers require their customers to submit a minimum bulk order before processing. But this is not practical for small business owners, independent authors, or people who create personalized print projects as special gifts. User-friendly software and easy file uploads have made this type of printing quick and convenient for customers.

This print solution eliminates the minimum print quota so it’s especially appealing to anyone who needs to print a small amount of copies. Adding print-on-demand services to your print business is an excellent way to bring in business from these potential clients.

Main benefits of print on demand

Printing on demand reduces the need for larger supply quantities along with the extra storage space for them. But the biggest advantage is flexibility and ease of use. Using a software editing interface, your customers can make as many edits and changes they want. They can login from home or office at any time, and rearrange, edit, add graphics or remove elements as needed.

Print on demand set up process

First you’ll need to set up a website portal for customers to submit their orders. Through a web-based design area they’ll be able to adjust sizes, change colors, choose typography and edit layouts. You can also add pre-selected templates for easy makings of invitations, business cards, brochures and even catalogs. Setting up this type of website shouldn’t take long, and with the help of an experienced company you can have your own online print shop in no time.

Adding a print on demand option to your print service is a smart move that will keep your company current and competitive. Using traditional offset printing presses is no longer the most cost-effective choice available. Print on demand as a supplement or replacement will lower your costs and allow more flexibility for your customers.