Print on Demand – An Environmentally Friendly Solution

When it comes to printing, most people see it as a wasteful thing. Especially newspapers, brochures or other short-term printed materials that doesn’t last more than a week before tossed aside. Books, on the other hand, are not considered so wasteful, but in fact, in the book printing process, there is still a lot we can do to save paper and act in more eco-friendly ways.

cant put the book down

This is where print on demand method comes, and saves us a lot of paper waste. Why is it that print on demand is a sustainable alternative to traditional book printing?

  • You can print an exact number of copies, so no book is printed and then waits to be bought, only to get sent to the recycling center because sales were slow.

  • This minimizes the risk on the returns of unsold inventory to the minimum. Actually, there is no unsold inventory.

  • Another great benefit of print on demand technology is practically zero material waste in the manufacturing process, since it only uses what is necessary to produce the product. The traditional printing method adds paper automatically to compensate for the material wasted in the printing and binding processes.

  • Most importantly, each order is printed and shipped after final approval, which makes it easier to control and very economic, as you can choose the exact number of copies. This ensures you’ll never be left with copies you don’t need and it’s the best sustainable process of book printing.