Print On Demand Calendars – Make Your Own Magic

Creating your very own, customized calender can be a great gift for your family and friends, and it can also be a great advertising tool for any kind of business. Generally, all you’ll need is to gather 12 images or photos, decide on the design and layout, and print the calendars through a print on demand method.

calendar on the wall

Start with the idea and the design direction you want to take. It depends on the purpose of the calendar – if it’s for business or for private purpose. If it’s a private thing, to be handed to family and friends, you can go for a casual theme, something simple and colorful. If it’s for advertising your business, the design should be professional, clean and concise.
Alongside the design and theme, you’ll need to select the images or photos you’d use. This also needs to relate to the purpose. For a family calendar, you can find some old childhood photos, or take silly photos of the family. Some people reenact photos from past years, posing and wearing the same clothes, traveling to the same location and so on. The result is entertaining and very moving.
two workers at their deskFor a business promotion however, you’ll need to find photos or images that reflect your brand, that are professional and serious. Another option is to shoot the company’s staff during their work (like behind the desk, or talking on the phone, or sitting with a client), making sure they’re on board, got dressed and put on a smile.
The next thing you need to take care of is the size of the calendar. It can be really large and present beautiful scenery, and it can be small and modest, with family photos. Once you decide on the size, it’s easier to place the photos in the design, and to decide on their order and additional design elements, like colors and fonts.
Lastly, you need to choose the printing method. The best way to print your material and to be in charge of every aspect is print on demand. This method gives you the opportunity to be in control of everything from design to print. It gives you the chance to print just a few copies, you can log-in and make changes at any point, and all with just a click of a mouse. It would definitely be useful to find a print shop that offer print on demand services and give it a try.