New Ink Range For Pro VC60000 By Ricoh

Ricoh UK announced an upcoming launching of a new ink range for their Pro VC60000 continuous-feed inkjet machines. This upgrade will help to print directly onto traditional offset coated substrates without primers.

The inks will have improved color and faster production speeds and also enable use of paper types common in commercial print.

They will also help make the production system more flexible and economical, but less complicated. The inks are durable, water-fast and offer printhead reliability.

According to Ricoh, an improved color gamut will increase the different types of applications thanks to more vivid colors and a richer black. The range includes four colors, CMYK, and come in two 10-litre polystyrene tanks per color.

Also, The new inks are designed to print directly onto traditional offset coated media, without the use of primers, and form part of an ongoing development strategy that will lead to higher speeds.

For further details about the new inks, see here – Ricoh launches new ink range.