New APPS for Print Providers change the Printing Industry

The percentage of businesses that are offering apps as their main point of sale and product catalog has grown tremendously during 2013-2014, the biggest growth can be seen in the food and supermarket industries, and recently we are experiencing the same growth in other markets such as insurance, electronics, entertainment and also in the printing and advertising market.

2 years ago, a search for printing services in the application stores would bring only a few results, today for the same search you will find hundreds of applications that end users can download to their mobile device, E-Commerce applications for ordering almost any type of printed product, from business cards, to stickers, invitations and canvasses, applications that are easy to install, use and order with.

APPS-for-Print-ProvidersThe interesting and most important value of those apps is the customer loyalty and percentage of returning customers. Since the app is installed in the customer’s mobile device, the first thing that the customer will do whenever he has the need for a printed product, is to access the app which he installed already. The print provider, who managed to have the customer installing his app, becomes the customer’s “natural” supplier.

When looking at the changes that happens in our industry, long term relationship with customers is the key, and today’s key to long term relationship, is the number of customers who download the app you offer. Advertising apps is what businesses should concentrate at in the next few years.

The more people download your app – The stronger the business will be in the near future.