Metallic Inks Will Transform Any Printed Application

The recent launch of Xerox’s Iridesse Production Press is bringing an exciting and expanded array of metallic colors to the print market, taking the creative possibilities for personalized printed applications to new levels.

The metallic gradients and other specialty enhancements can transform any design into a stunning printed item that will stand out from the crowd. It can add dimensional impact and draw attention to many types of personalized printed applications.

The new press has two specialty dry ink stations and is the first xerographic digital press outfitted to print six colors, including metallic gold and silver, either individually or mixed, in a single pass.

As a print provider, this gives you the option to offer your customers an entirely new palette of metallic colors that pops up and draw attention. Plus, you can take full advantage of these new color capabilities if you have a web-to-print software, making an extra splash by adding mixed metallic finishes to any printed project.

The metallic inks can turn a boring business card to a stunning design that won’t get thrown away quickly, a regular catalog to a magnificent work of art, and a simple postcard to something that won’t be missed in the mailbox.

Printing enhancements such as metallic inks can really boost your print store revenue. They bring the “wow” factor to any printed product – catalogs, brochures, direct mail, business cards, invitations and greeting card, and more. This is the time to take your print shop into the next level and amaze your customers with stunning designs.