SEO Tips for Your Web To Print Website (Second Article)

In the previous article we gave you several suggestions to implement on your Web to Print website. Today, you’ll receive a several more – particularly regarding Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics is very common in many print solution sites today. By adding a short script (provided by Google) you can manage, get statistics and anonymous analytics (therefore its name) of your visitors.

SEO Tips for Web To PrintOne of the most useful tools you get to know the amount of time they spent in each page. This information may help you understand better what pages are the most popular and which need improvement. The answers may surprise you and proper utilizing this information can help you increase your site’s visits and visit duration – therefore increase your revenue.

Furthermore, with Analytics you can determine from where your visitors came from. This knowledge may help better understand what type of costumers your visitors are. If for example most of your visits came from a certain directory your might consider advertise in that site.

Google Analytics provides many other great features, which can be learned with time and use.