Innovative Printer To Be Launched This Week

Any online printing business that wants to get ahead in progress and have the most cutting edge equipment should look into this new printer from Apex. The official UK distributor of Ryobi printers – Apex Digital Graphics, is launching a new B2-format, the Ryobi 760E Series.
large digital printer
The new printer can handle sizes through to 30.12 x 23.62 inches, and it includes a double-diameter impression cylinder and transfer drum which both provide an effective and stable printing, which is crucial when printing a heavy stock. Also, a changeable semi-automatic plate will deliver efficient, fast and remarkable results.
The printer consists of ultrasonic double sheet detector and continuous dampening, which ensures sharp and solid printings. There is no doubt that this innovative printer is a valuable asset for every printing company.
For further details regarding the printer, read here: Apex Announce New Ryobi 760E for B2 Printers.