Innovative Pre-Setting to Prolong Old Printing Presses Life

The Dutch company Q.I. Press Controls recently created a new smart pre-setting to prolong the life of older printing presses. This improvement promises to save an extra of 150 to 200 copies with each press start-up, and is also able to save costs and lifetime of presses.

QIPC is worldly famous for helping to optimize performance on old and new printing presses, and has been doing so for years. Their new smart pre-setting aims to improve the performance of older printing presses without having to purchase new hardware.

The pre-setting regulates the ink keys and the amount of damp with a self-learning software. It allows a much better control of the start-ups, as it recognizes the hot and cold towers by itself and regulates the damp for the next start-up.

A major advantage of the press control through the software is that even 20 years old printing presses can still compare with modern machines and therefore become future-proof.

The smart pre-setting also improves new presses with a controlled and consistent print quality, saving paper and freeing the staff to their other responsibilities.