Innovative Paper Sustainability Platform By PrintReleaf

Print providers are starting to discover new opportunities in sustainable sourcing and printing that can benefit everyone – printers, customers, and the environment.

In the last years, people are becoming more and more concerned about their impact on the environment. This is where the PrintReleaf program steps in, offering a new sustainable paper certification.

PrintReleaf is a certification system and software platform for automated global reforestation. They measure the customer’s paper consumption and then make it actionable by reforesting.

The company precisely measures paper consumption on-demand, regardless of the origin of the paper or how it is used. A customer’s paper footprint is represented by the aggregate total of their paper consumption across all sources over time.

How does it work?

First, they measure the customer’s paper footprint and forest impact over time. Paper consumption data is automatically updated and converted to trees.

Then, the customer explores the network of global reforestation projects and browse project profiles. They select their favorite forests, and their footprint relief will get directed at those locations.

The customer can also track the progress over an 8-year period, from planting to verified survival. This process is administered by SGS International, a leading international forestry auditor, to guarantee survival of the forests planted.

Showing customers that you take part in an environmentally responsible program that offsets their paper consumption via reforestation projects around the globe can give you an important competitive edge.