Innovative Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Food Industry

Around 200 million tons of foods are wasted globally each year, largely due to the short shelf-life of fresh food and misunderstanding of food date labels – which account for 20% of avoidable food disposal. Food packaging has a vital role in food quality preservation, extending food shelf-life and of course, grabbing shoppers attention and informing consumers of the package contents.
food packaging
When the food product is consumed, the packaging is discarded, leading to additional environmental concern. Therefore, sustainable food packaging is a hot topic among scientists and manufacturers alike, heavily investing in research for new developments in packaging technologies.
The Complete Package, a leading distributor of eco-friendly food packaging in the US is offering a variety of food containers for takeout and catering businesses, with a new line of packaging that is sustainable, recycled, compostable and biodegradable.
Ecoshell from Mexico, manufactures food packaging, including disposable trays, cups and cutlery, all made of plants (mostly sugar or corn), which biodegrade in 90-240 days without leaving any toxic residue. In comparison, various plastics take anywhere between 400 and 1,500 years to completely degrade.
Offset Group, a leading printing house and luxury packaging manufacturer is now offering eco-friendly product packaging solutions for the cosmetics and food industry, made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable paperboards and printed with eco-friendly ink.
Vegfresh Inc, one of Canada’s largest processors of fresh fruits and vegetables has recently teamed with Earth Check, an eco-friendly packaging supplier, to supply a brand new sustainable packaging solution, made from unbleached, 100% recycled paperboard sourced from local mills – which also helps in decreasing carbon footprint of the delivery chain.
There is a misconception that going green can be costly for a company, but it’s actually quite beneficial, as eco-friendly packaging tends to be more lightweight, therefore reducing shipping costs. And of course, you help save the planet as well.