Improving conversion rates in your Web-to-Print platforms

As advertising rates are going up and the competition in the Web-to-Print market gets harder every day, attracting traffic to your website or application is a great part for succeeding in this market, but most important is to get the best out of this traffic and improve your conversion rates as much as possible. We will try to point out four easy improvements that can be done easily without the need to be a UX/UI professional.

Action buttons – When customers arrive to your print-on-demand platform, the average time required for completing a sale in 6.5 minutes, after this point the conversion rate goes down dramatically. Since the process of ordering is relatively long due to product selection and online product design, the action buttons that point the customers to the required product and help them going thru the ordering steps must be clear and identified with colors throughout the whole process, for example “Next Step” buttons in green and “Back” buttons in red. It is also recommended that all action buttons will be placed in the same position on all pages.

Improving conversion rates in your Web-to-Print platforms

Trust logos – Considering the fact that most of your website shoppers don’t know you personally and due to the rising number of credit card frauds, trust logos must be added in every page of the website, the stronger the brand of the logo is, the better conversion rate your site will have. The most common trust logos are credit card logos, local associates logos, and local payment gateway logos your business is collaborating with.

Human faces and contact phone number – online shopping is very robotic and there is no human presence to guide you while you are shopping. The best way to make the customers feel comfortable and know that there is a live representative behind your website in case they get stuck or have future problems with their order, is to add a picture of a telephone operator, faces of your team members and any other faces that can create the feeling of comfort and trust. It is also very important to add a phone number of the business. Although in 95% of the time the customers will not call in but knowing they can call somewhere and not only email and wait for an answer, that alone can increase the conversion rate up by 40%. The option of calling puts the customers in a control mode.

Limited options – online product selection is much wider than a normal “in stock” selection and can confuse the customers. Any confusion during the online shopping process is lowering the conversion rate. When it comes to your online printing site, try to limit the selection as much as you can, limit the types of paper the customers can select from, number of sizes for each product, finishing types availability, etc.

These four points can improve your conversion rate by up to 80% and can make the difference between a losing web-to-print platform and a profitable one.