How To Find, Hire And Retain New Talents For Your Print Store

Many print providers are concerned about what will happen when the “old guard” retires and how to attract, cultivate and retain the next generation of print talents.

Rest assured, there are a few things you can do to find “new blood” for your print store, so here are some practical ideas:

Get in touch with high schools, colleges or universities in your area and offer to give a presentation on career day. Highlight any areas in which you are using advanced technologies, show cool examples or videos, and offer to help with job placements or even an internship if you can.

Present at local fairs or trade shows that relate to technology. Prepare an amazing showcase and emphasize that you are looking to hire new talents. Do your research and figure out how much other print stores pay starting employees, and offer more (even just a little bit).

Advertise where the young crowds at – social media, events, rallies and anywhere you think you might interact with millennials looking for employment opportunities.

The future is here and you’ve got to do whatever you can to attract new print talents that will thrive in the years to come.