How To Decide And Purchase The Right Printer

Before choosing a printer that will suit your business needs, you should conduct thorough research and ask the right questions. Diving into this process without understanding what technology or features to look for might result in a poor purchase.

It doesn’t matter if your company is purchasing its first press, replacing a model, or adding a new one, the decision has to be the right one. Doing some research and understanding your business needs will undoubtedly lead to a smart purchase.

It’s important to weigh all the options and understand the specific needs of your company before buying a new printer. Whether it’s the number of printers you need, integration with web solutions, or budget restrictions, knowing this information ahead of time will help you make the best decision.

Choosing the right inkjet press can be a lot easier if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What cure method are you looking for? There are two cure options for most inkjet printers – UV and UV LED. It’s important to know that UV LED requires no warm-up time and is not as hot as conventional UV, allowing for greater media flexibility.

  • What are your color requirements? Colors such as orange and violet bring out stronger flesh tones and a broader gamut. Producing colors at these spectrums could potentially help you achieve more clients.

  • Do you need a flexographic station? If you see yourself needing to flood coat white or print a static background on a regular basis, then you should consider a Hybrid printer which is usually manufactured with a customized number of flexographic stations.

  • Do you need inline finishing? Do you want the finishing to be in-line with the printer? To determine the best inline finishing for your company, you’ll need to consider speeds. If your chosen finishing process is slower than the printing, then you’d need a larger accumulator or you’d need to slow down printing to let finishing catch up. Sometimes it’s best to just do offline finishing so you don’t have to shut down the printing or vice versa.


After answering these questions, you will have more data to help you decide and make the best purchase regarding your business needs.