How to Create Your Own Family Album

Creating your own custom photo album is now easier than ever thanks to digital printing technology. Gone are the days of pasting film-based snapshots into books with plastic sheeting on each page, only to have them eventually slip around. You can now have your selected digital prints rendered into a high-quality, glossy-print book with background colors and designs you select. These kinds of personal or family albums can be created for a special occasion, holiday or event. You can also have them designed as gifts with a certain recipient in mind.
When it comes to making your own photo album, you can pick one of these options: piecing together your album by hand or having it created through online photo album printing. Both of these can result in a unique photo book with a notable personal touch. When planning this project, consider the materials you want to use, who will be receiving it as a gift, which design ideas are the best fit and whether you want to order a finished photo book from an online printing company.
family taking a picture
Matching a Photo Album to a Specific Recipient
If you are giving a custom photo album as a gift, you first want to think about your recipient’s preferences, favorite colors and basic demographics. A photo album with bright designs and primary colors is a great option for kids, while many adults respond to simpler, elegant or minimalist photo album designs. Many different age groups enjoy albums with photos of friends and family, so including these is bound to add a great deal of meaning.
Coming up with Design Ideas for Different Occasions
You have a great deal of possible designs for your own photo album, and many photo book printing companies will help you narrow down the choices. If you decide to upload your images and design your photo album online, you can select from various page colors, layouts, backgrounds and templates.
Many photo book printers have specialty layouts for occasion-themed albums; examples include birthdays, Christmas, Easter, engagements and school graduations. If you have a flair for digital art and experience with image manipulation software, some photo book printers will allow you to upload your original artwork to be used for your photo album layout.
How to Have a Custom Photo Album Printed
If you outsource your custom photo album to a professional printer, a number of specialty online printers are available. The process is relatively simple and comes at a reasonable cost. To get started, you often need to select your album size and color, add your chosen page layouts from the available styles and upload your images to be printed on each page. Be sure to use high resolution images for the best results.
Many printers have interactive websites that allow you to preview how your finished photo album will appear. You can often choose from hard or soft cover photo albums with various cover fabric. The size of available printed photo albums can range from small pocket-sized to large coffee-table-sized books.
Once you have planned out your own personal photo album, you have the creative options of your own book-binding project or of having it printed. Most online photo book printers use print-on-demand pricing structures, which is quite cost-effective on both ends.