How To Build A Solid Fan Base For Your Book

Many authors wait until their book is ready before they start the marketing campaign, what may turn launching into a longer and harder process. Experienced authors suggest that once you have the first few chapters, you need to focus your attention on creating a fan base. Fan base is the starting point, giving you the right platform to get potential buyers for your book. So where should you start and how you can build a solid fan base?

  1. Create a website or blog for your book. Believe in yourself and your knowledge – no one knows about your book more than you. When writing a book you become an expert on the subject. Use that certain information that no one else masters better than you to create a blog. Include information about your book and each component of it: background, characters, context, extra chapters, different ends and even the book cover.

  3. Remember that the key is generating traffic so you can attract more and more potential readers. Encourage your readers to make comments or ask questions about your book. Offer prizes for the most interesting question or the most original comment. Post your answers. Ask them for ideas and suggestions. Interact with your audience and make them feel an active part of the story.
  4. small group of fans

  5. Distribute sample chapters in your website, and allow readers to download them from your website. This is perfect to attract readers’ attention and motivate them to buy your book once it’s released.

  7. Use social media: Link and promote your blog through social channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest. Write interesting tweets and posts and include images to attract attention, and hashtags to track followers and everyone who is interested in your posts.

  9. Use testimonials. If a reader writes something favorable about your book, ask permission to post that comment with his or her name and city. Many people like the idea to see their words and names posted on the Web. This will also help you build solid relationships with readers, and motivate them to comment about your book. Also try to get some testimonials from known bloggers or celebrities. This is perfect to enhance your book’s reputation.

  11. Design a video trailer for your book to call reader’s attention. Many people like video trailers to satisfy curiosity or to increase their interest in what they are going to read later. Images and music are a great way to motivate readers.

  13. Always promote your book’s URL in your email signature. Not only the URL, also include some brief info that captivates people and encourages them to click on your link. Arousing their curiosity is the best way to generate traffic and increase sales.

Enjoy every moment and every detail of the process. Promoting and launching your book is a great adventure, never forget that.