Grow Your Print Business With Digital Print Enhancements

If you want your print store to stand out, you need to offer your clients the chance to stand out as well. In the print world, this means enhancements, special varnishes and other effects.

Marketers often like to use enhanced materials such as metallic prints or raised printing, so why not be the one place that can offer these kind of special prints?

Generally, when printing, marketers want something special that can’t get through via virtual media. This is where digital printing technology comes in, with the ability to step up with a special look or feel.

In printed advertisement, the Wow factor is critical. Just imagine how people will react to an image that shines on an invitation or text that “pops” in a catalog. The opportunities for print enhancements are endless – metallic, gold, silver and white inks, spot varnish, raised printing, foil and effects like glitter are just some of the options.

Also, the array of printed advertisements is huge. There are so many options to use special embellishments – labels, business cards, catalogs, invitations, folding cartons, book and magazine covers, direct mail, and so much more…

If you meet this increasing demand for special printing, you will not only bring more jobs, but also more high-value jobs into your shop. To rise above the intense competition you need to offer more than standard four-color printing. Digital print embellishments that go beyond regular print will put you at the top of the playing field.