Facebook to Print – A new Sales Tool with High Conversion

Web-to-Print tools have been used by thousands of Print service Providers for the last 10 years, helping them to improve their business and lower the costs and being used as a main marketing tool of many players in the printing industry.

These tools are opening a worldwide market for print providers and many of them managed to grow their business tremendously in just a few months.

FACEBOOK-TO-PRINTThe main products that are selling using Web to Print systems are Business Cards, Holiday Greetings, Event Invitations and Photo books. As internet getting faster and easier to access, many of the offline platforms that exist and require downloads are getting less popular due to the time it takes and the market resistance to download software when most services are available online and can be accessed easily from mobile or computer devices.

The ease of use and the availability of SAAS Web to Print systems has helped many Print Service Providers to start a Web to Print business which created a very competitive market. The two most important and effective parts of a successful Web to Print are the advertising budgets and customer satisfaction, bringing new traffic to a website is possible and depends on advertising budgets, but when the products prices are competitive the profit will come from returning customers. This is the reason that customer’s loyalty plays the most important role in any business’s success.

End users are trying to avoid member and news-letter registration due to the increasing number of irrelevant emails they might get, and that’s where Facebook and Google Plus are becoming a main part for creating customer’s loyalty. This media enables the end user to choose and “Like” only the type of advertising they wish to see. This way, if they appreciate the services someone provides, the exposure can be super effective with minimal costs.