Facebook Marketing Tricks: How To Promote Your Book Successfully – Part 2

In the previous post, we started with explaining how to use Facebook to promote your book. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and with the right marketing tactics you can get your Facebook page bringing in new readers for your new book.

Taking Your Book Outside Facebook

Connecting your Facebook page to other forms of social media will give you even more exposure. Popular examples include Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, the last one especially if you’ve written a business or self-development book.
When setting up your book’s stand-alone website or blog, you can also take advantage of Facebook’s embedded post feature. This tool adds any posts you make on your Facebook page directly to your site at the same time.
stack of books

Understanding Hashtags and Algorithms

Adding hashtags to certain phrases is a fairly new practice within Facebook, and including them on key words and phrases will facilitate new visitors finding your book based on the subjects they are looking for within the site.
While the exact algorithms behind Facebook are trade secrets, you can still leverage them with third-party apps to give you some insight about interactions with your followers. Together with different forms of sponsored promotion, getting these detailed insights will give you valuable information about your audience’s preferences.