EFI Launches New High-Volume Signage Presses

EFI (Electronics For Imaging, Inc.) recently announced they will add 2 new inkjet presses for outdoor signage and wide format products.

The EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 and HS100 F4 inkjet presses will reconfigure the eight ink channels of the VUTEk HS series platform in a CMYK x 2 setup, efficiently addressing the need for cost-effective production on banners, billboards, building wraps and other outdoor signage applications.

The new press models will offer a significant speed increase, with up to 225 boards per hour on the HS125 F4 and up to 190 boards per hour on the HS100 F4.

They also include some of the high quality features and options customers have come to expect – the pin and cure, variable-drop grayscale imaging, and full- and semi-automated materials handling.

Ken Hanulec, vice president of marketing said: “These two new printers run more than 50% faster, and a speed boost like this gives our customers an important new opportunity to increase their margins.”

The new presses for out-of-home production will be available this quarter from EFI. For more details, see this press release – EFI launches new VUTEk HS Presses.