Cross Media W2P – Future online marketing of print products

Print service providers from all over the world are doing their best to attract customers to their website using their social media pages, search engines and printed advertizing. When advertizing prices are getting higher, existing customer’s loyalty becomes a very important factor in every business.

Today’s most common referral for businesses comes from their Facebook company pages, due to that more and more companies are implementing an e-commerce system within their Facebook page and increasing their sales and exposure. B2CPrint has recently developed Web to Print systems that can be implemented within the print provider’s Facebook page, those systems are also implemented as Web to Print APPs and being uploaded to Google store and Apple store.

Cross Media W2PNow when the print provider’s Web to Print system is spread over few channels that can bring traffic, it increases the exposure and the number of orders that can be received online on daily base.

All those new development in the Online Printing segments, followed by the increased usage of social media and smart phones, are changing the face of the printing industry, the ability to create customers loyalty by having your APP downloaded to their smart phone, and by having them as a followers of your Facebook page. Changed the whole idea and way of marketing in the industry.

Now that all those easy to implement and use online tools are available to the market, the sooner you take advantage of it, the share of this market you will gain will be bigger.