Creating graphic templates for Web to Print

One of the most important keys for a successful Web to Print business is a large and attractive selection of graphic templates that end customers can choose from when they search for print products. The difference in the conversion rates between website that has large selection of templates and websites with pure selection can be as big as 80%!

When a customer searches for print products online, in 86% of the cases, he will click on one of the first 5 ads that will appear at the top of the search engine results. Since there is a good number of competitors in every country, the products price difference is usually not significant and can be as low as 15% or even less which empowers the importance of the graphic templates selection.


Creating graphic templates for Web to Print business can take a lot of time and cost a fortune! It is almost impossible to compete and succeed in this market without providing end users with a selection of thousands of templates, so when searching for Web to Print it is very important to engage with a company that can provide a total solution which includes a significant number of templates to begin with.

Another very important point that must be checked when searching for a Web to Print solution is the license of the templates. Creating templates using vectors and images that are purchased online requires a special license that can cost a fortune, and finding an image bank which allows this kind of usage is not very easy. Many Web to Print solutions providers are supplying web templates that is not allowing this type of usage and can bring you future lawsuits, so when you search for one you must make sure that the company who supply the templates (or instruments for template creation) is responsible for allowing this Web to Print usage.

Check carefully before moving forward with an unknown company that offers inexpensive solutions, in most cases you will be held responsible for their illegal actions and that will be a very unpleasant and expensive experience!