Consider These Factors For Your Next Web-to-Print Solution

In today’s world, we know that we must offer our clients the newest technology and solutions. The printing industry is no exception to that, and there are constant developments in the print world that any print store owner must know about and progress with.

The digital revolution offers amazing innovations in the printing field, and one of these innovations is the web-to-print solution. Online print orderings are easy and user friendly, can be done remotely, from anywhere at any time, and will help elevate your print shop, creating more automated and streamlined printing workflows.

To help you better understand what to consider when purchasing a web-to-print solution, here are a few factors to look for:

Investing in a web-to-print solution will transform your business and help you compete against competitors. You need to ask and learn everything about the solution and its capabilities. Is the system automated, is it updated from time to time, can it integrate with other software and systems, and what can it offer that will put you above other print stores?

Do research, ask questions and compare before you decide. There is a huge advantage for companies that provide this solution for a long time. Check on their website or ask to see some recent customer recommendations and success stories. Also ask about the installation procedure and the solution’s ease of use.

Make sure to choose a solution that is user friendly, that the client can easily login from any device and make changes and edits, that it allows any quantity of prints (even just 10 brochures or 3 catalogs), and that the client can do everything remotely and doesn’t have to come to your store (maybe just for pickup).

Moving your print business online is a big step but it brings many opportunities to grow and reach more clients. Start elevating your print store today!