Comexi Launches Its Latest Lamination Technology

Comexi recently launched the ML2, a top-range laminator designed under two key concepts: versatility and high productivity. As said by Comexi’s Lamination brand manager, these are the pillars that best define this new laminator that facilitates daily operations, and maximizing production.

This advanced laminator can work with solvent-based, water-based, or solvent-free adhesives. It provides a wide range of lamination and coating options and works with various printing solutions, materials and sizes.

It also enables all kinds of coatings and applications, has five easily interchangeable technological trolleys to satisfy all current market demands, and offers an adjustable drying tunnel – 6 or 9 meters with 2 or 3 independent zones – to respond to all customers’ needs.

The design of the Comexi ML2 laminator began after detecting an increasing demand for jobs with multiple solutions that required frequent changes.

It has 3-roller NIP technology that allows applying a higher pressure at a lower point of contact, all while obtaining a uniform pressure across the lamination NIP, offering top optical quality and reducing breakage or wrinkling.

As stated in this article – printingnews – comexi ml2, the Comexi ML2 is also equipped with other technologies that reduce downtimes. In this sense, it’s fitted with two panoramic screens with latest generation software and graphics, and a user-friendly touch design that facilitates its use and maximizes efficiency.