Boost Your Print Shop With Metallic Ink Printing

Every print shop owner knows that in the print industry, you sometimes need to take risks. Some of them will work out well, others might not. One thing is certain – you should try new trends and open up to possibilities if you want to stay in the game.

One trend that doesn’t seem to fade any time soon is metallic inks. The thing is though, not many customers will want to try it in their printings, probably because they are not familiar with it.

So, here’s an idea on how to get your clients more familiar with metallic inks – you give them a “taste”. Offer to add to their design a bit of gold or silver (for no extra charge) and you’ll see that they will come back for more. This time they would ask for more than a little splash of metal, and will definitely agree to pay for it.

Just like every other industry, if you are not moving forward – then you are standing still. Many print shop owners see the market is changing, but reluctant to jump in and move forward. They probably worry about the expense or that they won’t succeed.

And yes, it might happen and they might fail, but if they won’t do something to move forward, then there is a good chance they will lose their business, it’s only a matter of time. If want your print shop to move forward, take a risk, otherwise you are just standing still.