Ways To Boost Your Book Sales Potential On Amazon

Authors all over the world are aware of the great impact that Amazon has on today’s book-buying consumers, as the largest online book retailer. Readers should be able to find your book online, as well as an electronic version such as Kindle. Amazon offers useful tools and services for self publishers, and by taking advantage of these options, authors can boost their sales and revenue.
Marketing your book is critical, and it’s never too early to start. Check out the following ways to maximize your book sales potential on Amazon:

amazon search page

Amazon offers a really nice feature called “Search Inside the Book”. This feature allows readers to pick a book from the virtual shelf and flip through the pages. This feature provides an icon over your book’s cover image, and readers can easily browse through parts of your book. According to Amazon, books with this feature see considerably higher sales, so why not add it to your marketing strategy?
It’s important to grab readers’ attention, especially with a compelling book summary or a cool cover. Just remember to make sure that the summary appropriately describes what your book is about and grabs potential buyers’ attention, making them want to read more.
Add a Kindle edition. Adding a digital edition of your book on Amazon will help you increase your potential buyer market. This option offers readers an easy, quick way to buy your book online. When numbers state that E-books take roughly 30% of all book sales, you can’t overlook and miss this opportunity.
To truly maximize your book sales potential on Amazon, follow these tips and use them to your advantages.