Arcade Game Tactics To Boost Printing Sales

An interesting article by Sandy Hubbard was recently published, pointing out an excellent way to boost print sales using arcade game tactics.

The arcade game mentioned was “Pole Position”, a classic auto racing video game from the ‘80s. Here are the main points she made:

The game requires strategy, confidence, and game-playing experience. The more you play, the better you get at it. One noticeable thing about the game is the tendency of drivers to run in a pack.

When the pack of drivers slows down (because of elements such as accidents, a flag, or track conditions), you can pay attention and see where the openings are. With the right timing, you can “sail through” the openings, while the other drivers are struggling to accelerate from one stop, which gives you the advantage.

The key point here is – laying back and getting the feel of the field.

The writer mentions that whatever other competitors and print shops were buzzing about, she did the opposite. “If everyone was doing events and TV ads, I was doing direct mail and phone calls. If the masses chased big customers, I approached the small customers. When the pack zoomed to our neighboring metro area for fresh pickings, I doubled down within our own city.”

You might get munched as you figure things out, but systematically, you can capitalize on opportunities and move ahead of the pack. In time, once you start winning consistently and get more customers, the pack will start chasing you!

For the full article, see here – What an Arcade Game Can Teach Us About Printing Sales.