A Revolutionary Laminator From GBC – The Foton 30

GBC announced the launch of the revolutionary Foton 30, an affordable, fully automated laminator that will redefine the lamination category. This laminator was in development for over four years, and it is both time-saving and cost-effective, resulting in an outstanding quality output at a very affordable price.

The Foton 30 does not require a warm up, and the fully automated system will do all the feeding, laminating and trimming for standard size papers. It can handle up to 30 documents in the tray and save over 30 minutes of user time previously spent on loading, feeding or repositioning.

This easy-to-use laminator offers benefits such as internal sensors which auto-detect film thickness, providing perfect cuts with no waste or manual trimming; automated deskew, rendering perfect positioning and borders every time; easy cartridge loading; and no film threading required.

Product details and advantages:

  • No pouch
  • Auto-feeds up to 30 sheets at a time
  • Auto-detects film thickness
  • Sensor provides a perfect cut every time
  • Three modes of operation
  • Deskew system for perfect positioning and borders
  • Simple and foolproof cartridge loading with auto-threading
  • Safety auto shutoff
  • You can simply drop documents in the tray, press run, and walk away

Starting May 15 2019, the Foton 30 will be available on GBC.com, Amazon and through select office dealers.