3D Print Show London 2014 – All The Details

The 3D Printshow is the place to explore 3D printing opportunities and to learn about the latest developments in this fascinating industry. This upcoming expo will take place in London, UK, on September 04-06 2014.

The show’s organizers plan an interactive technology show, a conference of high-end industry content, a huge show floor filled with 3D print installations, and presentations of all of the latest technologies and manufacturers.

3d printing final product

The show will feature worldwide prominent artists, designers, engineers and technologists and showcase their innovative work and ideas.

The goal of 3D Printshow is to show actual results, by bringing in the world’s top artists, engineers, architects, and designers, and present their printed work. The show’s features are a great platform for people to interact with 3D printing.

3D Printshow 2014 brings the hottest artists within this medium to talk about their works, providing inspiration and advice, both on the trade show floor and in the seminars and workshop sessions.