12 Points Of Comparison Between UV and UV-LED Techs

Many printing companies are debating whether to replace UV with UV-LED lamps. Some of them are totally refusing to substitute UV by UV-LED technology.

Some others are considering the benefits of taking one or another way while other companies decided to move into UV-LED solution. There are pros and cons when it comes to both technologies.

The next 12 points of comparison will help you decide.

white LED lights

  1. Operating life: UV-LED last up to 10,000 hours while UV lamps operating life is 1,500 hours at the most. UV bulbs need to be replaced periodically, while UV-LED bulbs hardly need replacement.

  3. Diversity: UV-LED printers are designed to print on a wide variety of materials. They can also print directly on three-dimensional objects. This increases their chances to succeed because they are able to print on diverse items and surface such as industrial and consumer products, smart phone cases, iPads, and other kinds of items, and not be restricted to standard printings of stickers, magnets or mugs.

  5. Energy: UV-LED lamps are an energy-saving solution. They use low-energy light sources and they don’t need warm-up time. So, once they are powered on they can be immediately used for printing. On the contrary, UV lamps don’t have immediate activation.

  7. Size: UV-LED lamps are smaller than UV lamps.

  9. Eco-friendly: UV-LED is an eco-friendly technology. Since it is energy-saving, smaller and lower energy consumption tech, UV-LED is a greener solution.

  11. Speed: UV cured ink is much more effective than LED cured ink when speed is concerned. The press can run much faster with UV cured ink producing more than 150 5×10-foot boards per hour.

  13. Cost-effective: UV lamps are more affordable than UV-LED.

  15. Types of polish: UV-LED only cures those types of polish designed for LED technology while UV was effectively designed to cure all types of gel polish.

  17. UV exposure: Both technologies emit UV light, so one solution is not safer than the other in terms of UV exposure.

  19. Run-up time: UV-LED has a run-up time of 30 seconds while UV is 2 minutes.

  21. Spectrum: UV has a broadband spectrum of 200 – 450 nm while UV-LED has a “narrow band” of 365 / 375 / 385 / 395 nm.

  23. Maintenance: It is easier for UV solutions. During maintenance only one irradiator has to be replaced for one lamp system. On the contrary, UV-LED counts with a more complicated system. In case of break down the complete module has to be replaced.


Now, taking into account the details above you are ready to make a better choice. Consider your particular needs and requirements and choose the technology that suits you best.