Huge Success for the Virtual Drupa Conference

virtual.drupa, the first purely digital version of the leading global trade fair for printing technologies, successfully bridged the gap between the previous 2016 and upcoming face-to-face event in 2024. The new format for the print and packaging sector received excellent international feedback.

Drupa Virtual
A total of 212 exhibitors from 35 countries as well as team participations from worldwide subsidiaries presented their product portfolios and innovations within the online showrooms and more than 119 live web sessions with an average of 140 participants. These provided vital stimuli for tapping into new potential, alongside the comprehensive conference program with an additional 113 presentations in the context of five special forums, focusing on key issues as well as global megatrends and their impact on the industry. This is also confirmed by other indicators such as a total of around 600,000 page views and 45,000 unique users. The proportion of international visitors from a total of 155 countries was 82%. This underlines the fact that virtual.drupa has opened up access to customer potential on all continents and is being accepted as a digital platform for international knowledge transfer and networking.

“virtual.drupa was implemented in order to maintain contact within the industry during the pandemic. The figures show that we have achieved this. virtual.drupa enabled exhibitors and prospective customers to strengthen their networks, generate new leads and gather important impetus for their corporate targets, “ stated Erhard Wienkamp, COO of Messe Düsseldorf.

“We are delighted about the positive feedback we have received from participants,” added Sabine Geldermann, Project Director Print Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf. “The overwhelming number of global players – both in terms of exhibitors and visitors – has resulted in an industry dialogue that was particularly important during this time. The wide spectrum of target visitor groups, profiles and areas of interest was impressive. This also applies to the exhibitors and their product portfolios along the entire value chain.” She also noted excitement in anticipation of drupa 2024: “Many participants are already signaling that they are looking forward to this industry highlight and the live experiences.”

Innovations and Knowledge Transfer

The four-day program of presentations in the Conference Area and Exhibition Space offered extensive insights into the issues and challenges currently faced by the industry. They focused on four key topics: Artificial Intelligence, Connected Consumer, Platform Economy and Circular Economy. The Conference Area was opened with four keynote speeches from high-caliber speakers: digitization expert Michael Gale, top designer James Sommerville and sustainability strategist Gabrielle Walker. More in-depth detail, as well as case studies and innovative ideas for the different industry sectors were provided by the five drupa special forums: touchpoint packaging, drupa cube, touchpoint textile, 3D fab + print and dna – drupa next age.

In the Exhibition Space, exhibitors also presented exciting innovations, products and services. In Live Web Sessions, they presented forward-looking technologies and solutions for business development and provided answers to current questions from the print & packaging community.

More opportunities for interaction

Visitors will still have the opportunity to benefit from virtual.drupa. The virtual meeting rooms in for matchmaking will be available for customer and follow-up meetings on Monday, April 26 and Tuesday, April 27. The chat function will remain open until the end of October. In addition, videos, key notes and keynote presentations will continue to be available for on-demand viewing 24/7 in the Video Library starting next week. These, as well as the exhibitors’ virtual showrooms, will remain online until the end of December 2021.

Future industry events

Before the next staging of drupa in in Düsseldorf, Germany (May 28 – June 7, 2024), Messe Düsseldorf’s Print Technologies portfolio will offer numerous other events for the sector to stay in touch: the Print & Digital Convention (Düsseldorf, October 20 – 21, 2021), Indoprint (Jakarta, Indonesia, August 11 -14, 2021), Pack Print International and Corrutec Asia (Bangkok, Thailand, September 22 – 25, 2021 and Pack Print Plas (Pasay City, Philippines, October 7 – 9, 2021). The drupa website will also continue to offer insights into current industry issues and solutions and offer opportunities for exchange, such as another virtual Conference Day planned for autumn 2021.

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Xerox Takes Top Spot in Quocirca Managed Print Services Report

Xerox, a global workplace technology company, remains the leader in the worldwide managed print services (MPS) market, securing the top position in Quocirca’s worldwide market landscape report.

market leader report
“Xerox continues to impress with its leadership position as an established and innovative MPS provider, recognized for its cloud capabilities, exceptional security features and strong support for the hybrid workplace environment,” said Quocirca Director Louella Fernandes. “Xerox’s comprehensive service portfolio supported by a mature global service delivery platform helps position Xerox as a leader in the market.”
While the global pandemic presented new challenges for MPS providers, Xerox remained the leader in this space due to its broad service offerings across the office and production print environments, and it’s deep expertise in business process automation, according to Quocirca.
“Our clients vocalized a clear need to accelerate their digital transformation and cybersecurity roadmap,” said Mike Feldman, president of Americas Operations and Global Document Services for Xerox. “We are proud of this ranking as it recognizes Xerox’s portfolio of solutions that serves organizations small and large, across all major industries, and helps them achieve these goals.”
As more companies envision a blend of remote and office work, Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) helps enable a hybrid workforce with technology and services that allow Xerox customers to provide their employees increased productivity, efficiency, and security, no matter where they are working.
“IWS includes a core set of MPS capabilities – assessment and optimization, fleet management and print management; plus, a set of digital transformation capabilities – capture and digitization, workflow automation, and content management,” according to the Quocirca report.
Xerox also offers customers protection against various forms of cyber-attacks or other related risks through a combination of capabilities, services and partnerships.
Xerox ConnectKey® technology features a comprehensive set of advanced security features in partnership with McAfee and Cisco – which is a strong differentiator. Secure device and document management monitors devices, usage and content for compliance to policies, regulatory requirements and data privacy acts,” the Quocirca report states.
Additionally, Xerox continues advancing its cloud strategy, ensuring its cloud initiatives are consistent with customer requirements. According to the report, “Xerox is a leader in enabling mobile workers’ needs with a portfolio of cloud capabilities from seamless printing independent of location, and other aspects of mobile user workflow such as capture and MFP apps.”
Mike Feldman will be featured in an upcoming episode of Quocirca’s ‘In the Spotlight’ podcast series, highlighting industry thought leaders later this month.

About Xerox

Xerox Holdings Corporation (NYSE: XRX) makes every day work better. We are a workplace technology company building and integrating software and hardware for enterprises large and small. As customers seek to manage information across digital and physical platforms, Xerox delivers a seamless, secure and sustainable experience. Whether inventing the copier, the Ethernet, the laser printer or more, Xerox has long defined the modern work experience. Learn how that innovation continues at
( Press Release Image: )

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How HP Latex Ink Works

Press release from the issuing company

HP Latex Printing Technologies provides the quality of water-based inks and the outdoor durability of Eco Solvent based inks.

Authored by Bruce Wayne Van Greunen, Pre-Sales Technical Consultant at HP.
outdoor signage
Have you ever wondered how HP Latex ink works? Read on for more information…

Until 2008, the 3 primary digital print technologies used were Aqueous or Water-based inks, Solvent and UV Based inks

  • Aqueous or Water based ink -was used primarily for indoor use, the quality was great, with excellent colour gamut, but the durability and water fastness meant it was not really suited to outdoor applications.
  • Solvent based inks -They were used primarily for outdoor signage, the water resistance and UV stability made it perfect for Outdoor applications, but the print quality was not great for up close viewing. Eco Solvent inks a subset of Solvent inks along with Mild Solvent, were developed as an economy version of solvent inks by removing some of the more costly chemicals.
  • UV cured Inks the king of rigid media, what they lacked in flexibility they made up for in adhesion, UV could print onto almost any surface but the colour gamut and print quality was similar to that of the solvent ink of the time. A flexible version of UV ink was later developed, but it lost some of its adhesive power, and to use it the inks had to be physically swapped at the expense of time and with significant waste in ink.

Then in 2008 HP launched the world’s first water based outdoor durable ink, HP latex ink technology.
The objective was to have the world’s first and most environmentally conscious print technology in the market. HP latex Inks also boasted having the best of both worlds, the quality of water-based inks and the outdoor durability of Eco Solvent based inks. This offered unparalleled versatility for the first time, one printer could offer both indoor quality as well as outdoor durability using the same ink set, as well as being safe for the environment and the operator.
By 2013 HP had released the 3rd generation of the HP Latex ink.
HP are continually improving the HP Latex ink technology and the printer performance. By Introducing the Optimizer, a clear ink that helped eliminate the requirement for dryers in the print zone, while maintaining the perfect dot gain. HP also added an anti-scratch component into the ink for improved durability of the print and improving efficiency of the curing technology allowed for an increased productivity.
In 2018 HP debuted the HP Latex R Printer Series, with hybrid capabilities, a Roll to Roll and Flatbed Printer. This introduced the 4th generation of the HP Latex ink, and the first HP Latex to have white ink.
The 4th Gen inks further reduced curing temperatures, allowing for even more media variety, and separation of the anti-scratch component from the ink to a separate ink called the Overcoat. Having the Overcoat separate means there is a choice on when to use it, like when the print is going to be laminated in the case of high abrasion applications such as vehicle wrapping, there is no need to use the Overcoat.
And of course, the whitest of white inks in the industry.
On February 2nd, 2021 HP introduced the HP Latex 700 and 800 series of printers also available with HP Latex white ink.

The mechanics

In both the 3rd and 4th generation HP Latex inks, the Optimizer is the first drop fired from its HP Thermal Inkjet printhead.
The positively charged particles in the optimizer are only placed where the image is going to be printed.
This is followed by a droplet of ink that is fired from its HP thermal Inkjet printhead.
That drop of HP Latex ink consists of:

  • Water (65%)
  • Pigments (colourants)
  • Latex polymers (synthetic, totally hypoallergenic)
  • Tiny amounts of other chemicals

The negatively charged pigment is attracted to the positively charged Optimizer, giving perfect control of the dot gain, and ensuring that most of the pigment is at the bottom of the solution on the media.
Finally, the Overcoat (if needed) is printed on top.
The media moves through the print zone towards the curing system where evaporation starts to remove the water.
In the curing zone of the printer the remainder of the water is evaporated, and the Latex polymers and the anti-scratch components are melted to encapsulate the pigments onto the surface of the media.
Finally, a thin, transparent, flexible, and waterproof latex film is formed, the anti-scratch agent protects the pigments from being scratched, the print is ready to be handled, and is ready to be finished!
The benefits of HP Latex


  • The prints are completely dry out of the printer.
  • The media is fully conformable, without the risk of cracking or fading when stretched.
  • Does not change the characteristics of the media, so unlike UV and Solvent based inks they do not change the characteristics of the media you print onto, so if the media is Fire Rated or recyclable it retains the ratings even if they are printed with Latex.
  • Versatility, the ability to print onto an even wider range of medias from paper to PVC, SAV to PETG, or even textiles.

Ease of use:

With great design and many time saving features, and the ability to observe and manage your production with HP PrintOS (

Good for the environment and for the operator:

  • HP Latex Printing Technologies provide many opportunities to reduce and recycle. The ink cartridges, printheads and in some cases the maintenance cartridges are recyclable free of charge though the HP Planet Partner program (
  • The 4th Generation HP Latex ink cartridges are made from cardboard and a readily recycled with your current cardboard and paper. The printheads can be recycled through the HP Planet Partners program.

For further information, please visit

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Canon U.S.A. Launches the High-Quality imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 Series

New expanded line of large format printers include imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 Series and the next generation of imagePROGRAF TX printers.

Press release by the issuing company.
Further showcasing its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of print, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to announce the latest additions to its imagePROGRAF line of large format printers with new hybrid solutions, the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 and imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 multifunction printer (MFP) Z36. Offering high-speed printing, security features and advanced media handling, these new solutions are designed to benefit a variety of Production CAD markets including architecture, engineering, government, manufacturing – just to name a few – at a low acquisition cost. In addition to the new imagePROGRAF TZ Series, the company is also announcing the upgraded line of imagePROGRAF TX Series printers.

Canon imagePROGRAF TZ-30000

Canon imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 Series. Image by:

Built with productivity in mind, the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 series delivers high-speed printing, as seen through its ability to produce a D-sized print in as fast as 14 seconds, and up to 236 D-sized prints per hour. The integrated Top Output Stacker can stack up to 100 A0-size sheets face-down, providing an added measure of confidentiality. The product’s advanced air flow system can also help reduce paper jams while keeping prints neatly in place, and its integrated, compact design can help save office space, allowing printed materials to be easily retrieved from the front of the printer.
As seen through Canon’s innovative intelligent media handling in its dual roll paper system, this product is designed with productivity and usability in mind. After the user loads the paper, the advanced sensor technology can detect the width, length and media type while also feeding the media, allowing the user to also perform other necessary tasks while the printer completes the feeding process. The product’s Roll Paper Indicator displays four different media levels with LED lights to notify users if paper is running low. As an added convenience, users can load a second roll while the first roll is still printing through its Hot Swap feature – a Canon first.
The imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 is also available as a powerful Scan-to-Copy/File system that allows the user to scan and print at the same time. Providing further efficiency and productivity, the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 MFP version also includes the new Z36 scanner, developed by Global Scanning for Canon, as well as an updated system controller with a new intuitive interface.
Capitalizing on the breadth of its product offering, Canon has also made available a wide variety of workflow and creative software programs. Designed for high-volume uses, users can take advantage of the compatibility of the imagePROGRAF TZ and imagePROGRAF TX printers with Canon’s Production Printing (CPP) Driver Select and CPP Publisher Select software, a desktop job submission software solution that boosts workflow and productivity to help users manage and submit complex sets of documents, to one or two printers at a time. Additionally, Canon introduces Direct Print Plus (DPP) job submission software which, through a combination of DPP’s processing speeds, as well as an updated user interface layout and settings menu, can help improve the rendering process for users.
“Our extensive market research pointed to an increasing demand for high speed, yet versatile, large format printers for users who are looking to expand business opportunities within the low-end LED / high end inkjet market, and the Canon imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 Series has been created specifically to meet that industry need,” said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “As an industry-leading innovator, Canon is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of print by developing new cutting-edge solutions designed to help our customers stay productive and efficient.”
The next generation of imagePROGRAF TX Series2 devices incorporates many of the advanced technology created for the imagePROGRAF TZ Series, including increased print speeds, intelligent media handling and enhanced security features. The MFP models are also equipped with the newly developed Z36 scanner, which is designed to help save space and reduce weight while delivering advanced image quality at fast speeds. The imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 MFP Z36 also has a more integrated feel and an improved All-in-One (AIO) computer.


Delivering on its commitment to productivity, the imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 and TZ-30000 MFP Z36 ship standard as a two roll system. Orders can be processed through Canon’s authorized dealers starting on Thursday April 15, 2021. Products are expected to be available for shipment in mid-May 2021.
The TX Series of large format printers will be available to order in April, shipping information will be announced shortly. The TX Series can be ordered with either a stacking basket or regular catch basket.
For more information, please visit

About Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Canon U.S.A., Inc., is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions to the United States and to Latin America and the Caribbean markets. With approximately $30.4 billion in global revenue, its parent company, Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ), ranks third overall in U.S. patents granted in 2020† and is one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies in 2020. Canon U.S.A. is dedicated to its Kyosei philosophy of social and environmental responsibility. To keep apprised of the latest news from Canon U.S.A., sign up for the Company’s RSS news feed by visiting and follow us on Twitter @CanonUSA.

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Women’s Print HERstory Month Returns in March

‘Women’s Print HERstory Month’ coincides with Women’s History Month to align the telling of stories that empower and inspire the fierce fabulous females of print, as well as young women and students entering the industry or considering print as a career.

Launched in 2019 by, Women’s Print HERstory Month returns March 2021, and Girls Who Print is mobilizing the women in the industry, calling on them to join in and share their career and success stories through social media using the hashtag #PrintHERstoryMonth.
girls who print
This mission is also a call to action to global businesses across all segments of the print industry to seize this opportunity and put the incredible female leaders who manage teams, develop technology, and shatter sales targets in your company front and center, and share the incredible achievements of women in print with the world.
There are no limitations when it comes to how to engage with Women’s Print HERstory Month. Participants are encouraged to create or share content that celebrates the amazing women in the industry and send it out through social media using the hashtag #PrintHERstoryMonth. If you are in need of content, is creating a library of Q&A blog posts with community members, Podcasts From The Printerverse has a Girls Who Print podcast series, and many of the industry organizations around the world have ‘Women in Print’ initiatives worth highlighting and sharing in March.
Deborah Corn, Girl #1 at Girls Who Print, says: “Women’s Print HERstory Month has never been more important. The pandemic is disproportionately removing women from the global workforce and staying visible, celebrating our presence and successes loudly in a male-dominated field, is up to us. Everyone can show their support by following the #PrintHERstoryMonth hashtag stream and engaging with the content. A ‘like’ or a reshare or a retweet is an acknowledgement that the achievements of women in print matter.”
Print shops can also set examples for their communities, and especially for workforce development, by participating in #PrintHERstoryMonth. Kelly Mallozzi, Girl #2 at Girls Who Print, explains why print businesses should share their female-led stories: “Simply put, you need to tell them, and we need to hear them. Leading by example and celebrating women and the value they bring to print businesses has never been more critical to the future of the industry and our ability to attract younger generations to it.”
To request further information please contact

About Girls Who Print

Now in its twelfth year, Girls Who Print provides women in print and graphic communications with information and resources to help them navigate the industry, and their careers through a variety of educational initiatives, events, conferences, content and the #GirlsWhoPrint Podcast. With a focus on community building, open knowledge sharing and mentorship, the women-only Girls Who Print LinkedIn group has grown to more than 7000 global members.

About Print Media Centr

Print Media Centr provides printspiration and resources to our vast network of print and marketing professionals through online content, event support and coverage, and Podcasts From The Printerverse. Print Media Centr also works with printers, suppliers, and industry organizations to help them create meaningful relationships with customers and achieve success with their sales, social media, and content marketing endeavors.

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Web to Print Impact on the Printing Industry during Covid

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought massive economic changes, and brought many businesses to their knees. The printing and packaging industry, which relies heavily on human interaction is no exception, but Web to Print seems to be a ray of light within the chaos.

futuristic city
Cancellations of all major print exhibitions worldwide have led to fear and uncertainty in the industry. Despite the globalization trend of recent years, many printing companies still use the traditional way of doing business offline, where deals are closed in-person.
The printing industry provides services to countless other industries, and when they slow down – printing slows down: Billboards for advertising agencies, leaflets for tradeshows, signage for street stores, menus for restaurants and brochures for travel agencies.
A recent Covid-19 Print Indicators research shows that nearly 80% of print related companies stated that sales were lower in the first half of 2020 than in 2019 (an average of 27.3% sales decline), and only 20% of commercial printers were able to increase their sales year-over-year.
Those businesses that did thrive, despite the massive slowdown in most markets, have taken the crisis as an opportunity. They did so by shifting their business model to be purely digital – with the help of web to print software.
As in-store orders drop, many printing providers opt for the implementation of an online printing store. Similar to other businesses that shifted from in-office meetings to video conferencing via Zoom, Skype or Hangouts, web to print software enables printing providers to display various print product templates on their website, that users can customize and order online. Web to print is not only cost effective, it also enables printers to keep working in times of lockdowns and quarantines.
Developing online printing stores is not a trivial task. While on the internet “what you see is what you get”, the printing world is very different. Web to print software needs to convert pixels to vectors, RGB colors to CMYK, and take into consideration additional elements such as page layout, “bleed” areas, lamination, paper weight and quality, cutting marks, binding and printer drivers.
The future looks bright for web-to-print software, with a market value of $867.3 billion and an estimated growth rate of 7.62% until 2025. This market constantly evolves and advances, now supporting 3D printing technology, personalization options, voice controls and variable data interfaces.
What used to be unattainable 10 years ago is now a thriving business sector. With numerous updates and add-ons, there is a growing demand for web-to-print solutions. While Covid-19 has presented newer challenges to the printing industry, it also created potential opportunities for growth, and made web-to-print a necessity for print providers to not only survive, but to improve their offerings and customer service.

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Proforma Launches Business Success Video Series

Proforma, The Technology and Business Success Leader, has launched a new business success series “Million Dollar Monday”, available in video and podcast format. The mission of the series is to help provide real useful advice, from real successful people, for entrepreneurs and all people with big dreams.
Million Dollar Monday
The Million Dollar Monday series, introduced January 11th, includes personal interviews between Proforma Founder Greg Muzzillo, and successful business people such as Jack Canfield, Founder of the Billion Dollar “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Empire, Kevin Harrington, Inventor of the Infomercial and Original ‘Shark’ on the hit TV show Shark Tank, and many other well-known names in the business world.
The series focuses on sharing real-life advice of proven success stories to help entrepreneurs of all kinds realize their dreams and create better, more successful businesses. Episodes will be released on Mondays, featuring new success stories from millionaires and multi-millionaires to help provide valuable advice and guidance to business owners.
“As the Technology and Business Success Leader, I felt it important, especially in these challenging times, that Proforma help provide access to whatever advice and wisdom we could to help make the big dreams of all entrepreneurs come true,” said Proforma Founder Greg Muzzillo. “I’m very fortunate that throughout my career I’ve been able to build relationships with people who feel the same and are committing their time to helping share real business advice with those seeking guidance and motivation.”
The series is available for subscription through the Million Dollar Monday page and on your favorite podcast platform. You can also view past episodes on the website as the series continues.
To learn more about the Proforma Affiliate Owner Program visit To learn more about our products and services, visit

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Flint Group Announces Launch of XSYS

New division combines Flint Group Flexographic with Xeikon Prepress to strengthen its total solution offering to the flexographic and letterpress industries with three subdivisions: Plates, Sleeves and Prepress equipment

Press release from the issuing company
Flint Group, a global leader in the supply of print consumables and services to the packaging industry, today announced the launch of XSYS, a brand-new division, the result of combining Flint Group Flexographic with Xeikon Prepress. Although the two groups have been working closely for some time in support of the flexographic and letterpress markets, this formal alignment will bring even more collaboration and innovation to the group and to its customers. With the tagline Be Brilliant, the new division will work with its customers to honor its claim of Print Solid. Stay Flexible.
abstract lines
“With the integration of Xeikon Prepress with Flint Group Flexographic, we are now connecting the dots and are implementing an important step of our strategy to become a full solution provider for the flexographic prepress industry,” said Dagmar Schmidt, President of XSYS. “In forming this new division, we bring together what belongs together: Plates, Processing Equipment (solvent-and solvent free), Imagers, Sleeves and Adapters. And with this move, we expand our expertise towards our customers. The name derives from ThermoFlexX, nyloflex, Xpress and other brands that feature the X, combined with Systems to form the name XSYS.”
Friedrich von Rechteren, Global Commercial Vice President XSYS adds: “With a complete portfolio and a distinctive name we want to inspire not only our customers, but also our colleagues. Understanding, Flexibility and Consistency are our core values and our promise to customers and partners. Our values are what set us apart from competitors as a proactive, future-oriented player in the flexographic industry. Our customers can count on us and on the quality of our products and services. At the same time, we are able to offer our customers flexibility and freedom in their decision-making – a key requirement in today’s world and even more so in the future.” With the new name comes a new mission and vision as well and a new logo and new website.
Explaining the Be Brilliant tagline, Schmidt says, “Be Brilliant, reflects our belief that the world needs brilliance. Brilliant ideas and developments to meet the challenges of the future. Brilliant people who have the courage and will to do the right thing. Our story started with a brilliant idea, and brilliant ideas are what keep us going.”
The existing products and brands that will be incorporated into XSYS include nyloflex® flexographic solvent and thermal plates & equipment, nyloprint® letterpress plates & equipment, nylosolv®, rotec® sleeves & adapters, ThermoFlexX TfxX Imagers, ThermoFlexX Catena Plate Processing equipment, and surface screening solutions. All will operate under the divisional brand XSYS, keeping in place all existing brands and continuing to leverage them in the marketplace. “We are confident that by joining them together, we will further strengthen that position,” Schmidt notes. “Our division is primarily focusing on the prepress part of the value chain complemented by sleeves, which gives us excellent access to the printing press room. We are organized in three subdivisions who will all work closely together: Prepress, Plates and Sleeves. ”
For more information about the new XSYS division of the Flint Group, please visit or contact
About XSYS
Formed in January 2021 as a new division of Flint Group, combining Flint Group Flexographic and Xeikon Prepress into a single division, XSYS has been designed to bring more brilliance into the packaging industry – into the lives of its customers and colleagues – using brilliant products and services for brilliant print results and business success. It combines under one umbrella such well-known flexographic and letterpress brands as nyloflex®, Xpress, nyloprint®, nylosolv®, rotec®, FlexoExpert, ThermoFlexX, Catena, Tfxx and Woodpecker, to provide a complete flexographic and letterpress prepress solution.
Headquartered Stuttgart, Germany, XSYS operates from more than 37 locations around the world and remains one of the largest global suppliers offering both flexographic and letterpress prepress solutions, including plates, sleeves, processors, workflow solutions and expert professional services designed to help these industries move forward with increasing innovation, improved productivity and profitability and a reduced environmental footprint.
About Flint Group
Flint Group is dedicated to serving the global printing and packaging industry. The company develops, manufactures and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consumables and printing equipment, including: a vast range of conventional and energy curable inks and coatings for most offset, flexographic and gravure applications; pressroom chemicals, printing blankets and sleeves for offset printing; photopolymer printing plates and sleeves, plate-making equipment and flexographic sleeve systems; pigments and additives for use in inks and other colorant applications; Flint Group also designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital color presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as well as commercial printing as well as platemaking equipment for the newspaper industry and computer-to-plate (CtP) solutions for the commercial printing market; With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Flint Group employs some 6500 people. Revenues for 2019 were € 2 billion. On a worldwide basis, the company is the number one or number two supplier in every major market segment it serves. For more information, please visit

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Direct Marketing Ideas with Print Products

Sometimes it seems that we live in an age where all marketing is done online. We have already forgotten that only a few years ago both small businesses and large organizations still used quite a few networking events, billboards, leaflets and brochures, to advertise their products and services. With the rise of the Internet, most organizations and businesses have switched to massive online advertising, and rightly so – online advertising has many benefits: accessibility, availability, accuracy and the ability to measure performance. However, it is very important to dedicate some efforts to offline marketing; such as flyers, business cards, branded giveaways etc.
printed coupon
Offline marketing will work well in businesses that provide offline services: physical stores, making an appointment over the phone, etc., and will not work as well if we want to bring customers from the offline world to the online world. People are inherently lazy and if they are currently offline, asking them to switch mediums and take active action to reach us, will often not work.
The big downside of offline marketing is that it is difficult to track its effectiveness immediately. In online campaigns we can track in real time the amount of exposure, engagement, clicks and purchases. Offline, the situation is different: in order to measure ​​the success of an offline campaign, it’s worthwhile to identify the customers who reach us through offline advertising, by offering identifiable coupons or by using a dedicated phone line which we promote in specific offline ads.
Before starting an offline campaign, we must understand which potential customers we want to address and where offline can we reach them.


Flyers are great for products with a strong visual appeal, such as food or fashion businesses. While online ads disappear when close the app, flyers can be saved for later – especially if they are attractive enough, informative and interesting.
The graphic design of the flyer should not be underestimated. Flyers must be done right, with excellent images and clear fonts. A flyer that looks great will not be thrown in the trash so easily. When promoting to a specific area, the flyers can be scattered during your evening walk or by paying teenagers to distribute them for you.
How to track the flyers’ efficiency? If this is the only advertising that you do for your business, the effectiveness test is easy – everyone who reaches your shop. If you advertise in a variety of channels, add a coupon code to the flyers, with a discount or a special offer. Customers who contact you will likely remember to ask for the discount, and you will know they came from the flyer.

Local Newspapers

Advertising in a local newspaper does not have to be an ordinary advertisement that stops the reading, but rather a valuable and interesting article that can market your business in an excellent way. Most newspaper editors will gladly publish your “advertorial” if you write it for them, and will often help you with the layout and design of the page so it looks like an organic part of the newspaper.
This form of advertising could have a much better impact than a regular ad being ignored as most newspaper ads are. Craft a really good headline that grabs attention, provide valuable content – and the path to the hearts of your customers is guaranteed.
Surprisingly, a lot of people read local newspapers. In addition, you can also advertise in a monthly magazine or newsletter of an organization or a trade union – anywhere with an audience relevant to your business.

Car Stickers

When you think about it, your vehicle is a mobile advertisement that travels with you wherever you go. Printing a branded sticker does not involve a particularly high cost and there is something in the sticker on the vehicle (as large companies do) that makes you feel a little more branded. It might not be a surefire way to bring customers in, but it’s definitely a way to strengthen your brand, arouse interest and attract attention.

Other Print Products

When your customers proudly carry your logo on a shirt, bag, notebook or pen, they help you spread your business further. And this is exactly what your business needs.
There is no doubt that word of mouth advertising is the most effective and valued type of advertising in existence, and it is also completely free. Once people start recommending your business to friends, it’s a sign that a loyal community of customers is building around you. When your business gives customers a positive and memorable experience, they will want to tell their friends about it.
In order to encourage word-of-mouth marketing – try handing out branded magnets, t-shirts, car stickers or pens – to customers and employees.

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Avery Dennison Advances Significant Sustainability Actions in 2020

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY) announced a series of recent actions that further acknowledge its accelerated sustainability efforts, ending the year with continued progress against its 2025 sustainability goals and re-committing to its role as a sustainability leader within the global value chain.

Press release from the issuing company
This week, the company received markedly improved scores on its transparency and actions on climate change, water, and forests by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the gold standard in environmental reporting. CDP operates a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Avery Dennison earned an A- on Forests and scored a B for Climate Change and for Water Security.
Avery Dennison
This achievement follows decisive positions taken in 2020 on transparency, human rights, and climate change, affirming how Avery Dennison plans to lead on these and other issues of growing importance to global communities. The company’s actions include:

  • Defining Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and metrics as part of its ESG Download to clearly link sustainability to the company’s business strategy.
  • Publishing a policy on Human Rights, upholding the fundamental principles and requirements of basic human rights in the workplace.
  • Publishing a policy on Climate that acknowledges the imminent threat posed by climate change and the company’s strategy to move toward a lower carbon future, aligned with the Paris agreement and the recommendations of climate scientists. The company has already achieved significant progress to realize its climate goal, reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by more than 44% through the third quarter of 2020 against its 2015 baseline, which exceeds the initially set target of a 26% reduction by 2025.
  • Publishing a policy paper on Water that acknowledges the strategic value of water as a vital resource to ensure the health of communities, businesses, and supply chains.
  • Updating commitments to Responsible Paper Procurement reflective of the company’s role as a significant stakeholder in the supply chain of pulp and paper products and its role in promoting and providing sustainable and socially responsible paper products.

Significantly, in 2020, Avery Dennison also took steps to align with the United Nations’ blueprint for a more sustainable future. In November, Avery Dennison joined leading companies and stakeholders globally as a signer of the U.N. Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate citizenship initiative. The company’s responsible business practices, values, and commitments are embodiments of the Compact’s ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.
In addition, Avery Dennison aligned its own eight 2025 sustainability goals more strategically against the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted by 193 countries as a plan for ending extreme poverty, reducing inequality, and protecting the planet by 2030.
“The global challenges of 2020 have shown unequivocally the importance of pursuing—and delivering—sustainable business practices and corporate actions that will lead to more resilient communities and business enterprises,” said Deon Stander, vice president and general manager, Retail Branding and Information Solutions, and global corporate sustainability lead. “As we head into 2021, our strategies take on even more significance and we will double down on innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement throughout our supply chain to make a meaningful difference for people and the planet.”

About Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison (NTSE: AVY) is a global materials science company, specializing in the design and production of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. The company’s products are used by most industries and include self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive materials for labeling and visual communication applications; tapes and other solutions for industrial, medical and retail applications; clothing labels, tags and props; in addition to radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for the fashion market and others. Headquartered in Glendale, California, the company employs approximately 30,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Reported sales in 2019 were $ 7.1 billion. Learn more at

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